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Part IV Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease- Top 10 Strategies Every Caregiver Should Know

This is the 4th and final blog in our series focusing on Alzheimer’s Disease. We hope you have enjoyed educating yourself about the symptoms, stages, and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease…and find the following strategies helpful when caring for your loved one. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease can have high physical, emotional, and financial […]

Part III Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease & Adaptations You Can Make for Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease is complex, and it is unlikely that any one intervention will be found to delay, prevent, or cure it. However, research has shown that the following treatment strategies can help improve the quality of life for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, as well as provide support for his/her caregivers. MEDICATIONS help maintain mental […]

Part II The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and Symptoms – When and How to Prepare for a Visit With Your Doctor

Welcome to the 2nd piece of our 4-part blog series highlighting helpful information about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). In this article, we will define the 3 stages of AD, the importance of early detection, and what information you should take to your doctor regarding Alzheimer’s symptoms. Early (Mild) Stage The most common early symptom is trouble recalling […]

Part I What is Alzheimer’s Disease 10 Warning Signs That Caregivers Should Look For in an Aging Loved One

Welcome to our 4-part blog series focused on the most common progressive degenerative disorder seen in today’s aging population…Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). In this opening blog, we will look at the definition of AD, how to differentiate between dementia and AD, common signs of memory loss, and warning signs that indicate it’s time to schedule an […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Luba Services Being Thankful for In-Home Care

What are you thankful for? The answer to this question changes as you move through the seasons of your life. You might be thankful for celebrating a milestone anniversary with the one you love…or maybe surviving an illness this past year…or the beautiful innocent faces of your grandchildren or great-grandchildren…or maybe you’re just grateful to […]

November is National Family Caregivers Month 10 Ways to Honor In-Home

National Family Caregiver Month is now! It’s time to celebrate the devoted care and selfless efforts that family members and at-home senior care providers give to elders in need. There are over 40 million people in America who are caregivers for an elderly patient, loved one, or client. If you are one of these hard-working […]

Geriatric Nutrition:Foods That Promote Senior Wellness

As aging loved ones grow older, their nutritional needs change, metabolism slows down, bodies need different amounts of calories, vitamins, and minerals.  When older adults have health issues, then it makes it even more difficult to meet their changing nutritional needs.   Eat for Your Health When caring for an aging adult, it is important […]