Let’s Get Moving! Top 7 Exercises to Keep Seniors Active

Do you or a loved one want to stay active and independent well into your golden years? 

How about reverse the signs of aging?

And feel happier, sharper, and more energized?

Well….FITNESS is a key factor to staying independent as you age. Regular exercise can increase your energy levels, manage symptoms of illness or pain, boost your memory and mind, and improve your mood and confidence.

Exercise has proven benefits for all ages, but especially for those of 50. Regular physical activity can help prevent, manage, or even reverse certain diseases. Aerobic exercise will help increase metabolism, maintain a healthy weight, decrease blood pressure, improve heart health, increase immune function, improve sleep function, and promote better digestive health, to name a few health benefits.

An exercise plan should include four key components:

  • Strengthening

Provide resistance with weights, resistance bands, machines, or your own body weight to encourage better bone density, muscle mass, and independence.

  • Stretching

Achieve full range of motion of joints in order to decrease pain, protect from injury, improve posture, and allow free movement during all of your daily activities.

  • Balance and Coordination

Improve your stability and reaction times in order to prevent falls and improve mobility.

  • Aerobic/Cardio Endurance

Get your heart pumping!  Cardiac benefits will improve heart health and make activities of daily living easier.

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